r/NuclearRevenge - My GF cheated. I never let her forget.

April 3, 2021 - Reading time: 17 minutes

happy women's day russian

My loyalty felt like a waste.On this day, Russian women are showered with love, affection, flowers, chocolates, and other wonderful things.Thank you everyone who read this.OPs roommate kicked her out.

It was just another chance to hurt her and I did.So continued every day of my life with this new selfish mindset.She even had to go on medication and lost TONS of weight.Lisa to know I was everywhere and constantly remind her how she fucked up.Months later, they run into each other at PT and he convinces her to give it another shot, knowing its a game.Rather spend MORE time healing yourself from the hurt and moving past it.All my morals went out the window.

happy women's day russian

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Lisa but were just around her in daily life.She was there to pick up some stuff she left from when she lived there to take home.But I kind of just improvised as opportunities came original kind spirit had died at my birthday on that chair.And morphing from generally a good person to a relatively dark evil one.Quickly, girls became weary of me.

happy women's day russian

TLDR: OP dated a woman a few years younger than him in college, Lisa.Day has lost its political meaning and became a day when men express their love and appreciation to the women around them.Lisa kept a period tracker and kept when she had unprotected sex, while documenting their sex for gf who had fallen asleep, OP saw she had been having unprotected sex with at least 4 dudes since they had been dating.As much pain as I might have caused her with my vengeful life, my new identity that consumed my old one was so tainted with a dark spirit at heart.Yet again, I felt Triumphant.UNPROTECTED almost every story I hear of infidelity, it involves the discovery of text messages, being informed by a friend, or the classic coming home early and catching your partner red handed.Luckily I had more options than she had when cheating on me.

happy women's day russian

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The evidence was overwhelming.Am I the only one who thought this way after catching their partner cheating?But I still blame her for me becoming the dark soul that I was and taking no responsibility for bitter immoral nature.My inebriated brain thought she should put it in her calendar now because we would forget the next day since we were so fucked up.With drugs, I have control and no one can hurt me again.My sadness quickly turned to anger.

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Lisa so drama would be worse, and he would have more ammunition to hurt her.Lisa as much as possible was accomplished.Her sister was ostracized as the news spread within the family.It was more like a hostage situation.She began to look extremely unhealthy.

happy women's day russian

Oh how ironic that turns out to be years down the line.Cheating on me with him was a common occurrence.Sometimes there was TWO in one day!Facebook when I saw the profile of one of her track teammates on my feed.She unlocked her phone and opened the app and before she could even do it she fell back asleep.

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The booze and drugs were the only thing that made me feel normal.She ended up leaving him completely to date me.This shoulda been a red flag obviously but remember, I had severe hubris.However I told her was different: I explained to her I was moving back to the city for a new job I was just offered.March 8th is a very special holiday for every woman in Russia.

It is so extensive and honestly just makes me look bad.MAYBE once or twice a month.So I took the phone while it was still unlocked and proceeded to try and figure out how to put it in her calendar myself.Поздравляю с Международным Женским Днём!Not just randomly on my own accord.The worst part was I found TWO of my teammates.Международным Женским Днём, дорогие читательницы!

LEDGER of almost every time she cheated and had unprotected ongst the 4 guys I discovered, one of them was her X that she originally left to date me.Bono go out for breakfast.He did not take revenge on her.She was sobbing uncontrollably.Lisa was more worried about being embarrassed than our relationship.OP decided to get revenge.

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She had written the names of the guys she had unprotected sex with in the notes section of the black markers.They also had bfs, so OP used this as fuel to say that women are the problem, not him.Below are a few congratulations poems for inspiration, you can find more on римите наши поздравленьяВ международный женский день!Years later, OP is contacted by Lisa and says hes moving back to their country for a job.The next woman I chose to have a relationship with I would most likely marry and start my future with.After hooking up a few times and spending 2 days together, without mentioning anything to her about me leaving, I pack my things and get back on a plane back to Central America.In my eyes this was all her fault and she unleashed this fury of chaos upon herself.

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She even would stay there when I was out of town which was like 3 or 4 days of every week because we were in season and the team was flying all over the country.All I could think about was about how much I was hurt.She was very insecure and always had her suspicions.He is also aware of how toxic it all is.She was becoming suicidal.Пусть же в этот день, 8 Марта, Жаворонок песню Вам споет, Лучик ласковый пригреет жаркоИ цветок любви Ваш расцветет.We spend the entire night together.

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They eventually break up.Jr year in University I had been single for about a year after me and my high school gf finally broke up after 3 years.He then packs up and leaves without a word to hurt her again.We were preparing to head out.One girl left a pair of very distinguishable shoes.So Lisa and her friends had to see me all over campus every day while this drama was erupting all around them.

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Lisa and I broke up.We did not have unprotected sex very often.The more it seemed to look at the phone the more my insides began to hurt.Though I spent the entirety of this story telling everyone of how I kept getting revenge at my X for cheating on me, as satisfying as it was, I wish I would have spent an equal amount of energy healing myself from the incident.The drama was MASSIVE.

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There was some other unkown guy she was also clearly sleeping with him regularly.Lisa took a mental health break from depression, and came to OPs house asking for her stuff back.The various athletic teams often had parties and I knew that the first one I saw her at I would introduce myself and try to chat her up a bit and see where it enough I see Lisa at one of these parties and we pass each other on the stairs.We slowly progressed the relationship in this manner for weeks.Facebook search and matched one with her X in addition to something like half a dozen other random dudes.Mind you there is literally many countries, states and an ocean between us at this point.

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PEPPERED with black markers.There was a total of 4 guys through out the entirety of our relationship that she allowed to penetrate her raw.Years after this story I ended up getting sober and joined a program whos name you can find at the front of almost any phonebook.All on her 4x4 relay team coincidentally.Through our entire relationship, Lisa went through my computer and phone constantly.

They just happened to be one day after the other and luckily landed on a Friday and Saturday night.After this OP goes down a bad road with drugs and alcohol, ends up in the hospital, and has another Gf cheat on him.She is cautious at first but eventually bites after about a week.We are together officially.Льется пусть повсюдуЗвонкое веселье!The last 2 fellas looked to be just a one time thing but again like I said these markers were just the times she had sex without a condom.

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My phone is blowing up with calls and texts from Lisa.This was my plan all along.Bono called me shortly after I started my walk.Then I faintly hear her inaudibly say something in the background and him yelling at her to get out of the apartment.Пусть будет ваше настроениеВсегда цветущим, как сирень, Пусть будет жизнь прекрасна ваша, И дети счастливы всегда, Пусть дом ваш будет полной чашей!От всей души Вас поздравляюС этим теплым праздником весны!

The most awesome part about all of it was that same week, the Athletics PR team had put massive posters of me all over campus promoting the next game.Now it would upset her more because that same girl slept with both of her X boyfriends.From her point of view it really looks like we had moved past our differences and what happened.There was two girls sitting on the arms of the chair and I still have a photo of that moment and I remember it vividly.Their team had fallen apart.University and I make the trip back to the USA.Sending texts back and forth hinting that we were interested in each other but also playing it cool to not let the other person know we had a crush on the time, she was on a break with her current boyfriend who was a popular player on the football team.

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So who knows what the true story was there.Lisa for hurting me so much.Lisa ran for the track team and was damn good.Me and Lisa were deeply in love the end of the season I had planned two massive back to back parties.Each marker was a different color so I opened one to see what the color coding meant.It sounded like that half crying half mumbling thing people do when they are hysterical.Bono go over what had happened.

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To this day, a good revenge story gives me a warm bubbly feeling inside.Lisa was basically living with me.We make eye contact and she smiled at me.For example her classmates and as well as her own family.Even after years had passed, I saw this instance of her messaging me as yet another opportunity to hurt begin to talk as friends and even getting flirty with each other over Facebook messenger.At this point my life has become that of a real degenerate.Fast forward like 8 months later.

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She was actually a local and her parents lived close by.The whole mess was torturing her and the more she hurt the better I felt.You know, the one where I like a couple of her photos, she likes a couple of mine back.She should never have fucked with me like had to take an extended medical leave because of her depression and mental health issues she was experiencing from the whole situation.At this time OP starts going down the rabbit hole with drugs and alcohol.

Day, dear female readers!However, at the time Android phones had a folder where you can see deleted texts but not the contents of the messages.It looked like a checker board with only a hand full of red pieces left and ALL the fucking black ones.It was women that were the problem.Вам здоровья, счастья я желаю, Радующей сердце красоты!We decide to meet up when I get back and see if there is anything worth saving between us.

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All rights reserved by Rossiyskaya Gazeta.Пусть прогонит зимуВеточка мимозы!Lisa at a coffee shop when I arrive.This time I could only fantasize about what happened to her when I disappeared after she thought I had moved back and supposedly was ready to give our relationship another try.At the time her leaving him to date me just gave me a superiority complex.She called him crying and he reveled in it.He brought it to her parents and put all the items he had been collecting.

But under it all, I was bitter.At this point I had already inflicted more damage than she did to me but I had become addicted to the feeling of power.She was asleep and I drunkenly remembered she always marked down in her calendar when we had unprotected sex so she knew if she should be worried if she missed her period.You will notice a lot of women walking around with flowers on this day.She missed her period often because she was an athlete.We begin the classic American style of flirting where we constantly just hint things back and forth indirectly.

Posting photos of me with girls, smiling, being happy every chance I could on Facebook and Instagram.European kid who stood 7 foot tall and was as Russian in demeanor as it you can imagine.So this is one of those revenge stories where it was only half planned.There was black markers on dates that I was in a different city playing basketball.It had been a while since I did something that hurt her and I was still hungry for more vengeance.Of course, you can write your own poem, or find one online.

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To make me feel normal.It stroked my broken ego and also made me bitter and sad.But after all these events transpired he obviously had a negative opinion of me.Obviously people have dark moments but I feel like my personality and psyche has never been the same since that experience.Their national ranking began to plummet.

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The revenge wont heal you.Lisa comes back to school from her medical leave and we bump into each other at the physical therapy center in our athlete facility building.Lisa and him broke up which highly upset her because it was her friend.Удачи, счастья и добра!Some months there was almost a dozens of those fucking black markers.My ego felt like it was literally dismantled in front of me.

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Even their coaches had to get involved it got so made me feel so powerful in such and evil yet satisfying way.This continued on for a long time, and OP started keeping an item from women that would be identifiable to Lisa for his plan.

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