r/armenia - Mar/17/2021 news wrap-up: (1) Education reforms: new Academic City, 50% raise for teachers (2) Who is Boris? The HALO accuser (3) Snap elections debate (4) Soccer drama = best drama (5) Arrested upon arrival (6) Russian gas re-routes (7) POW numbers (8) Domestic violence stats (9) French culture

April 3, 2021 - Reading time: 10 minutes

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The ruling party wants to finalize the electoral code reforms regarding lowering the threshold to enter parliament etc.They denied rumors about holding one today.We appreciate the readiness of the government to promote the French language in Armenia.Latvian intellectuals urged Azerbaijan to expedite the return of POWs.Armenian national team, for the first time in its history, won an international tournament.

Yerevan home will turn into a French instituteFrench ambassador Jonathan Lacote is working on it.Baku, his family members have been persecuted.He claimed he wanted to move to Armenia at the time but former police chief Vladimir Gasparyan allegedly forced him to return to his return to Russia, according to Boris, a felony case was launched by Russian authorities.He said he exposed tariff fraud linked to a Turkish company, after which the Russian authorities allegedly decided to place him under special protection.Wednesday report in 3380 Avagyan: the Artsakh official who recently claimed HALO Trust spied for AzerbaijanBoris is a public official from Artsakh.

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Not only per November 9th agreement but also per international law.They are negotiating a contract with Aznavour Foundation.The Federation chief Melikbekyan also criticized LHK chief Marukyan for politicizing the topic.Pashinyan and LHK chief Marukyan had met shinyan is offering the 2 Parliamentary opposition parties to agree not to nominate a new Premier in the event he resigns, so he can resign and trigger snap elections.Soccer Federation was electing a new chief.September, a new salary system will be implemented.Azerbaijan to immediately release Armenian POWs.

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HALO Trust humanitarian agency and sappers from Armenia and Russia.The roofs will be used as workshops.Parliament MPs meet Russian MP in MoscowArtsakh sent a delegation to Moscow yesterday to meet Russian politicians and public figures.The Armenian MPs met their Russian counterpart Konstantin Zatulin.In 2018, Boris renounced his Russian passport so he could start a political career in Armenia.Azerbaijan number of POWsThe Foreign Ministry recently confirmed that they petitioned the European Court for Human Rights to require Azerbaijan to provide information about 188 Armenians who are presumably itially, that number was 249 last year.Artsakh to Azerbaijan during the war.

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This structure will become a French cultural window, which is currently lacking in Armenia.Marukyan earlier said there are only 10 days left to take action if they want snap elections to be possible before June 1st.The program launched in June and lasts until August.Boris became famous after claiming that HALO Trust demining organization spied for Azerbaijan.Harutyunyan, the activists say Pashinyan has to use thousands of bodyguards.HALoTrustcontrolled detonation of hundreds of unexploded bombs.Cultural festivals and political meetings are held every year.

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He allegedly helped to falsify documents and import expensive clothes disguised as cheap construction materials.The bill is sent to Parliament for deliberations.Kocharyan media and labeled as western spies.This is something that all political parties have been working on.FranceAzeri opposition blogger Muhammed Nirzali was brutally beaten and stabbed in France.

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The Academic City can ience fundingNo doubt we must increase science funding, but we must have a system where every Dram must truly go towards developing science.There were reports that he was wanted by Russian authorities over an alleged crime in Russia.Applicants are free to register now.Russia, he married a Russian Miss World winner Yulia Ionina.Many of our universities do not have even basic means to develop the sport.Putin is the friend of all Armenians.

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They can leave only during a family emergency, for now.Parliament and they know it.They always find excuses to avoid snap elections so they can use this period to strengthen their positions.Even LHK is against elections.Boris claims the Russian authorities have since dropped the charges, but the Russian Internal Ministry website still shows him as 2020, Boris summoned a press meeting to explain the situation.Another charge was related to falsifying education night he landed in Zvartnots airport and was apprehended.

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Pashinyan and BHK leader Tsarukyan are yet to meet to discuss the snap elections.The family later moved to Armenia.Chambarak and 7 nearby, especially students and teachers, have long complained about the lack of transportation.The building doubled its capacity to 120.It would later convert into the Republic as we know today.

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Azeri embassies in Paris and Europe.Yerevan and the provinces.He needed some time to recover psychologically because the scene of the drowning person had a negative effect on officials met him to give the award today.The opposition leader who represents the former regimes is charged with making calls to topple the constitutional order through rebellion and forced takeover of the nukyan is told not to leave the country before this trial.That leaves 184 missing people who are presumably erbaijan claims to hold only 72 POWs and denied having the other erbaijan, in turn, asked Armenia to return 16 POWs.Argina settlement saved a resident from drowning in Akhuryan Reservoir.FranceThe Anatole France French school in Armenia will be renovated and modernized by the French government, within the next few months.

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The club founder Tovmas Grigoryan criticized the Federation administration.The Civil Aviation and NSS have been trying to get it back.Education Ministry meeting: We can already state that the standard of primary education and general education has been adopted.There was a great demand for Diaspora Armenian youth to come to Armenia this year to get to know their country.Soccer FederationYesterday, Lori FC players boycotted a match and left the pitch.The area will have a new kindergarten.

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Vazgen ManukyanThe case has reached the court.Armenia Fund is building apartments in GyumriThe Himnadram began the construction of 2 apartment complex buildings with 18 apartments each, in Gyumri.The latter is an active figure who often comments on the events taking place in the Artsakh MPs want to increase direct talks with Russia, about politics, economy, education, culture, etc.The French University in Armenia has 1, 300 students today.Azerbaijan to bypass the problematic Russian territory to use Azerbaijan as transit to deliver the gas to Georgia, which then transports it to Armenia as usual.

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The assailants attempted to cut off his tongue, before stabbing him 17 times.Aghdam regionAnadolu outlet reports that a landmine explosion killed two and wounded three members of the same Azeri family who visited the occupied Aghdam region.Pashinyan was supposed to attend a meeting.He wyers believe it was organized by the Aliyev regime.No evidence was provided.

Student sports are a very strong stimulus for the popularization and development of sports in general.Soccer Federation chief Melikbekyan.Grigoryan would later lose the elections to Melikbekyan, and apparently, has maintained bad relations with him ever since.Their numbers have grown in recent young Armenians, who have never studied French before, are expressing interest in the language.Telegram channels recently made a similar spying allegation against the former representative of UNICEF.

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Marukyan was not briefed accurately.CityThis is where the idea of creating an Academic City comes into play.French dancing group will visit Armenia for a musical performance based on the Armenian epic Daredevils of in history1861: Italy becomes a kingdom and unifies the tiny states on the peninsula.Education Minister Harutyunyan was seen visiting the building for the porter: Mr.Jonathan Lacote: they must be returned.

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ArmeniaFrench ambassador Lacote: I thank the large community of French teachers in Armenia who do their hard work every day.The common theme is the emphasis of both of them being linked to Britain.Armenia returned 12 and said they have no info about the other European court found the information provided by Armenia to be more detailed, while the info provided by Azerbaijan not so much, so the court recently contacted the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe regarding the violation by Azerbaijan.

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