International Women'S Day 2021 For Schools

April 2, 2021 - Reading time: 15 minutes

international women's day 2021 for schools

So we can see the normative impacts that international law has: Over time, stigmatizing bad behavior works.Because there is a long legacy of the nuclear armed states testing these weapons, not on their own soil, but on the soil of other countries or on the soil of indigenous lands at home.And his most recent publication in 2019 is a booklet Warheads to Windmills: How to pay for a Green New Deal.Time to extinction of civilization, which provides more detail behind part of this present discussion.And just to wrap up, Ray, could you tell us a little bit about the positive obligations of the treaty for assisting victims and remediation of environments?So divestment is definitely an issue.

It was signed by the governor.He has written and campaigned extensively on peace and environmental issues over several decades.And we went to the Honeywell shareholders meeting.Kansas City right here.International League for Peace and Freedom.Those both use the exact same language about prohibition of assisting with any of these companies making these prohibited weapons.

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But they do make other things.The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons was adopted in 2017.And these companies need to be held to account.Thanks so much, Ann.We can see this in our personal lives.So we had to go to the state of Massachusetts.Timmon Wallis, our other guest, has a BA in Human Ecology and a PhD in peace studies.

international women's day 2021 for schools

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The same kinds of skills, engineering skills, and the same kind of scientific and technical skills for building a submarine were needed for building these new green energy projects.You may have heard, New York City has a majority on the New York City Council ready to divest the New York City pension funds, which would be very exciting.And now every other town in Massachusetts is trying to do the same thing.Forecasting nuclear proliferation, which predicts continuing increases in the number of nuclear weapon states, thereby seemingly increasing the threat of nuclear war and Armagedon.And now we have the right to refuse contracts with those companies.They need those people right there in the north of England working on green energy technologies.

international women's day 2021 for schools

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They put money into their reelection campaigns.So a company like Honeywell, operating in these countries that as of this Friday are making everything to do with nuclear weapons illegal in those countries.And the other piece of it, which we looked at, is it just so happens that the countries that are pointing nuclear weapons at each other are also the countries that are spewing out the most carbon into the atmosphere.And once we get beyond that and start looking at how we can work together and collaborate more, we can solve all these other problems.So the ban treaty actually is a local story.It tries to tie it also into other movements that we see right now for abolition of structures of violence in the United States and around the world, other social movements throughout history that have really confronted power in a similar way.And this was this was one of the campaigns in the 1980s that got General Electric and other companies to pull out of the nuclear weapons industry.

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We can see it every day on the internet.Entry Into Force of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, Radio Active Magazine, Wikidata Q104978126.Confirmation bias and conflict, which explains how the mainstream media everywhere exploit basic features of human psychology to enhance the social status of those who control media funding and governance in ways that threaten the extinction of civilization.Their use is condemned.And while the treaty is only binding on the states that ratify it, international law has a normative effect.And we need to get electric cars going and high speed rail, and all those kind of things.Our plant makes the guidance systems, the arming, the fusing, the metals, the foams, other materials that hold the radioactive parts that blow up, the plutonium, uranium, the tritium.

Acheson if you could give us just a little summary of the ban treaty.Ray was talking about these other treaties like the landmines treaty and the cluster munitions treaties.What it does a little bit of the history that led up to it.Congress and the President makes these decisions and how they vote on these things.We obviously need to build lots more windmills and solar panels.So this is really where the impact on the nuclear weapon complex in particular comes in.

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It covers the history of how we got to the point of wanting to develop a treaty that bans nuclear weapons, even if the nuclear armed states objected.We need them urgently to work on these projects.Because they control what kind of criteria you can use to choose a contract.Because the city of Kansas City, Missouri, actually, believe it or not, owns title to one of the eight major factories or sites in the US that together make nuclear weapons for the United States.And we see this time and time again.Because there was a campaign to boycott General Electric light bulbs.Ray has an honors BA in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Toronto, and an MA in politics from The New School for Social Research.

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We make nuclear weapons work.And, of course, anti nuclear organizing has been going on for a long time before that, since 1945, and diplomatic efforts at the United Nations have been going on for about that long as well.And the big thing that these companies are involved in, not so much consumer products like that, but big infrastructure projects and IT projects that they do with cities and states and large institutions.And despite their objections to us making new international law.So I took that idea and wanted to know what we could do here in the US on the same kind of lines?They put all the money into lobbying.And this is a group which won the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize for its work to ban nuclear weapons.

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Morton, Morton Thiokol, made table salt.And could you tell us a little bit about your upcoming book.They passed a bill in the State House.Yeah, this is the first nuclear weapon related treaty that includes positive obligations.Kansas City that work in our nuclear weapons plant.And in 2019, I think it was, they sold their thermostat division, which was clever on their part.

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This Friday, it becomes international law.It also contains provisions for the elimination of nuclear weapons, because we believe that this treaty will compel the nuclear armed states to eliminate their arsenals over time.It is available on the website, He is currently the executive director of, a partner of ICAN.And everybody has a thermostat, or many people do.Our town Northhampton in Massachusetts recently voted to refuse contracts with any of these companies for a city contract, like buying radios for the police department or whatever.We want them to be building or addressing other issues.

Honeywell makes for hospitals.So possession, development, use, threat of use, testing, deployment, everything to do with nuclear weapons.Doctors are very much on board with the anti nuclear message.And really situates these weapons as part of the discriminatory, racialized, capitalist system that promotes violence, and that invests in violence over peace and cooperation and equality and justice.And so the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons includes provisions for assistance to victims of nuclear weapon use and testing, and also for environmental remediation.Instead of making weapons of mass destruction, we need those people.

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And we worked together to develop this treaty, which is the first categorical prohibition on nuclear weapons.And it covers all of the obstacles, and the pressure that we faced from the countries that were against us.What kind of things does that talk about?So it comes from a long history of opposition to nuclear weapons.It took us 18 months.PeaceWorks has been working for 30 years in Kansas City for peace and the abolition of nuclear weapons.

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And you specifically talked, which really caught my attention, was Honeywell, which manages our plant.And we put a billboard out there on the highway leading to the plant.That was not allowed by Massachusetts State law.Tonight, we have two very distinguished internationally known guests here to discuss this treaty.Could you talk a little bit about that?The report in the UK went into a lot of detail about the actual job descriptions of people working in this submarine factory and all the things that were needed to build tidal power electricity generation in that very part of England.

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But then after the first couple years of our campaign, we wrote 1, 000s of letters to the CEO of Honeywell, Darius Adamczyk.We need to be doing research, we need to be doing engineering projects, to figure out how to how to solve these problems.Other banks and financial institutions were just getting started in this country.The focus of our program tonight is the ban treaty, the TPNW, or the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, which enters into force in three short days on January 22 2021.International League for Peace and Freedom and a member of the International Steering Group for ICAN, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

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And so we looked at, first of all, what do we actually need to build a green economy?Time to nuclear Armageddon, which includes a video with a transcript of a presentation at the 2019 Joint Statistical Meetings.The treaty took about 10 years really to develop.It also outlaws assistance with any of the prohibited activities I just mentioned.But the point of them being in the treaty is really to highlight and remind states of their human rights obligations to their citizens and to the citizens of other countries where they may have used or tested these weapons.

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So this treaty was really an effort by the non nuclear countries in the world working with activists in ICAN to do something despite the nuclear armed states.Two of the five largest pension funds in the world have already made that commitment.Ray represents WILPF on the steering group of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons or ICAN.And instead of doing that, we need that money, we need that brainpower and the workers to actually be addressing something like the climate crisis as well as many, many other urgent pressing social needs that are out there.Nuclear weapons treaty: Will it save the world?We have a bill in the Massachusetts State House for divestment of pension funds in Massachusetts.

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But also the United States is massively investing in a new generation of nuclear weapons and new capabilities for their missiles and bombs and things like that, too.And this is already happening all over the world and will only grow in impact once the treaty enters into force.Radio Active Magazine, KKFI, Wikidata Q57451712.They know it will be a change to international law and the implications that this will have on their behavior, on their policies.Honeywell claims to have operations in 110 countries.

Nuclear weapons were already considered to be immoral by most people.This is a rush transcript and may not be in its final form.Ray talks about the billions of dollars going into the nuclear weapons developments, all these new systems that are underway right now.And they hire these people for their boards or for special consultancies and so on.We actually need these people.Indonesia, Philippines, Brazil, and so on.

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Kansas City should have a go at it.FM, KKFI, Kansas City Community Radio.You know, even landmines and cluster bombs have been prohibited by international law, but nuclear weapons have have escaped this for so long.UK a few years ago that looked very specifically at similar plants where they make the Trident submarines in England and what could be done with those workers to address another existential threat to the globe, which is climate change.We understand, of course, that this type of cleanup environmental remediation is a very difficult long term project and that there is many complex issues around assistance to victims as well.So it puts nuclear weapons on the same footing as these other terrible inhumane indiscriminate weapons.Spencer Graves, Wikidata Q56452480.

Mexico, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand.And really, really engaging in a new arms race.Stigmatization is not something that has a transformative effect overnight in an immediate sense, but it changes over time.PeaceWorks will celebrate this historic occasion at the Plaza fountain for an hour starting at 2pm.And we can already see the ways that this treaty is helping with our campaign for financial divestment from nuclear weapons.We saw it with the bans on landmines and cluster bombs.

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Morton merged with Thiokol in 1982 then split in 1989 after the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger disaster and campaigns to avoid buying Morton Salt.And so this is really important for highlighting those concerns and bringing help to those communities.

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