Dating A Married Woman Nairaland

March 30, 2021 - Reading time: 3 minutes

dating a married woman nairaland

What a waste of time.Pussyass, bitchass, broke nonentities trying to see if they can shame with that 800 naira palm slippers dem carry dey trek from one junction to another state.This guy u be savage, 1 bottle of mcdowells for you Hate it when ladies bleach, where is she bleaching to?Did you apologize to the married man whose wife has a seven year old daughter for you and who divorced his wife because you got her pregnant?On Dec 10, 2017 If she has proof that the accusations are real.

Whom you dated for two years?All these BRAINLESS multitude BLOGGERS who think with their ANUS who chip away from our humanity with their STUP!On Dec 10, 2017 Ghen Ghen!On Dec 10, 2017 What next now Mr mike?What a waste of time.

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Their soap opera and not mine.On Dec 10, 2017 Actor Okon, what do we do now?On Dec 10, 2017 Who is Michael Okon and who is Stella?Stop scamming women in the name of Love!Make it one billion.

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On Dec 10, 2017 What a waste of time.Were you sued for that Papa Mitchell?Nollywood actor Michael Okon you ran to a lawyer and then spread it on the net.Did you tell your Lawyer the truth about what you did?RULE OF DEY UR LANE!You will not get the apology.

dating a married woman nairaland

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She even top up the allegation!On Dec 10, 2017 Lol.Imagine having an affair for two years with a good for nothing man, then getting pregnant?HOPE THE SUIT IS FOLLOWED TO THE END.You want an apology within seven days and N500 million naira because I called you out for using the credit card of someone whom did not authorize you to?This really is a great news if its true.Me I dey gallantly gallant.

dating a married woman nairaland

BRAIN inside their NUMBSKULLS.On Dec 10, 2017 Women the suffer sha.Actor Okon, what do we do now?On Dec 10, 2017 This really is a great news if its true.NewStats: 2, 652, 243 members, 6, 219, 255 topics.She will get a jail term equivalent thenWill they go and extradite her from Germany where she lives with her family?She has learnt her lesson in a hard way by losing her home and having to fend for the product of her foolishness all by herself.